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From the mountain glaciers, all the way to the Pacific Ocean, I love being in nature.  

Maybe it's because my parents named me Forrest, or maybe just because I grew up exploring the outdoors.  Either way, I often find myself in the woods, camera in hand, looking around the next bend.

Over the years I've been lucky enough to explore some amazing places around the world.  I spent 3 years in Ethiopia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and travelled extensively through East Africa, South Asia, and North America, snapping pictures all along the way.

Yet photography is more than travel.  It's capturing personal moments, preserving memories, and making new ones along the way.  

Currently based in Bellingham, Washington, I'm always looking for an excuse to shoot.  From weddings, to portrait sessions, to mountain expeditions, I'm definitely interested in coming along.  

I love telling stories, intimate or epic.  Let's find a way to tell yours!

I can be reached at Hello@ForrestCopeland.com

Or say hi on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Thanks for looking!



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